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The Role of Notaries in authenticating Academic Certificates

The Role of English Notaries in authenticating Academic Certificates.

Globalisation has allowed for more people than ever to study, work and live beyond their home countries. In this interconnected setting, academic certificates such as Diplomas, Transcript of Records and University Degree Certificates become especially important. These documents are your passport to academic and professional opportunities worldwide. But what happens when you need to validate these documents’ authenticity? That is where the work of a Notary in London comes in, not least because London is a city replete of universities, where foreign students from all over the world come to complete their studies.

If you are planning to study, work or move abroad, one crucial step is to authenticate your academic certificates. Lopez & Moreno Associates, your trusted London-based Notary simplifies this often-complicated process for you.

How can a Notary help?

Our London-based Notary is authorised to verify the legitimacy of your academic certificates. We notarise, sign and attach an official seal, as well as obtaining the Apostille of the Hague Convention where necessary, thereby validating the document for international recognition.

A Notary is a specialised lawyer who has the authority to authenticate documents. If you are based in the UK as well as abroad and need your academic documents certified, the best course of action is to visit a London Notary.

What are Academic Certificates?

Academic certificates typically refer to Diplomas, Transcript of Records and University Degree Certificates. These documents are vital when applying for further education, employment or even immigration in some cases.

  • Diplomas: if you have a diploma that you need to have certified for a job application or to complete further studies, a London Notary can certify your diploma for international use.

  • Transcript of records: some academic institutions or employers might also require to see a notarised copy of your marks to make sure you obtained the required grade at a specific subject. This also assists in ensuring that the information is accurate and legitimate.

  • Miscellaneous University/institutional documents: this can be a letter issued by your university in the form of confirmation that you have studied during a certain period. Our team and Notary London can also notarise this information prior confirmation from the university.

What is the process?

  1. Send a copy of your academic certificates by email or bring the originals to our office.

  2. You will be asked whether you need us to notarise the original or a copy of it.

  3. We will verify the authenticity with the institution/university first.

  4. Once we obtain confirmation, we will notarise your academic certificates.

  5. Where necessary, we will obtain the Apostille or consular legalisation for use abroad.


If you have academic documents that you need to use internationally, it is crucial to understand how and why you need assistance by a Notary in the City of London, as set out above. At Lopez & Moreno Associates, we not only provide you with top-level and personalised service directly from the two partners, but we also take care of specific requirements like Apostilles or further consular legalisation to make sure your academic certificates will be accepted in the country you are intending to use them.

For more information you can call us at 020 7088 8415 or Email us



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